Life’s Nudges

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I find that life is like driving a train that has no schedule nor destination. You know that you are going somewhere but you don’t know where and when. The first time I saw a picture of a train interchange- with train tracks going all over! tracks crossing, meeting and joining; from a far, it looked like a mess. However, from up close, I saw the direction-changers. There, I saw, my life.

When this thought came to the front of my mind, I was at a low point.I had a picture of my life from the start. but as time went on, things changed, life nudged me into a different direction. I have a tendency to reflect and sometimes indulge in some regret. needless to say, this kind of reflection is rather unhealthy.

In the last 3 years, I have been feeling powerless and worthless, being nudged, other times, shoved in directions against my will. It has been challenging and it still is, to kerb the malicious depression-inducing quicksand.

I have just come returned from a 2 day staff retreat with work. Within the 2 days, we had workshops and seminars. Once that struck me the most, and one that I can definitely use within my personal life is called ABCD- Asset Based Community Driven. Even though this is about creating positive outcome within the community, it was a particular portion of the seminar that I was intrigued by.

The workshop I attended was run by Peter Kenyon from Bank of I.D.E.A.S.. From the get go, there was an imperative rule about focusing on what is strong and not what is wrong. It was about focusing on gifts rather than deficits. This resonated with me as I had a perfectionist streak and perhaps it was the way I was brought up, I had a inclination to seek out the negatives and dwell dangerously on them. I say DANGEROUSLY, as negativity, I find, is like quicksand. The longer you sit in it and flap about, the lower you sink and eventually, be sucked under.

I am going to use the strategy taught by Peter, scale it down to a personal level and see what I discover. These are the steps I am going to take.

1)Asset mapping- Focusing on positives, map out strengths and gifts.

2) Appreciative feedback- Ask others what strengths and gifts they see in you.

3) Collate and reflect- Put all the information together- are there similar strengths or gifts?

4) Pick a strength or gift and tell a story of the time this strength or gift was ‘showcased’. you can choose to tell others, but it is important to re-tell it to yourself.

If you tried this strategy, share your map with me!

To know more about the Bank of I.D.E.A.S., please visit their website  


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