Bows + Tape: Competition Day Essentials


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As mentioned previously, we are in the second half of the Cheer season in Australia. My university team has 2 more competitions this season before we say hello to the summer break.

This post is about what I pack for competitions and do on comp day. My preparation for competition, begins a few days out.Let the count down begin:

5 days- Wash uniform, no one want to smell on competition day. I also start using self-tanning moisturiser. As I already have a natural tan, I just need a bit of a boost. I also ensure that I am eating clean, making sure that fruit and vegetable are top priority.

4 days- See the Chiropractor/Physiotherapist/Sports Message Therapist. Cheerleading is a high-impact sport, it is important that injuries are managed properly. I usually see my chiropractor to loosen and mobilise my muscles and joints, and to make sure.

3 days- Go to the gym. This isn’t an extra session. However, my objective during this session is mobility, not strength building. Thus, instead of trying to lift heavy weights (80% of max), I lift at 60%, concentrating on my range of movement. I dedicate a little more time for stretching.

2 days- Last training session! Make every second count. I make it a point to make clarify everything, make sure formations are correct, counts are spot on, the works. I also pack my competition bag (List below), this is so that it is done.

1 days- Relax, I usually skip the gym to do yoga/ stretching. I tend to stay at home and relax (after work that is!) I also prepare food for the next 2 days of competition. Sleep early!

Competition day- My team competes on 2 days, the first is usually at night in the scholastic division and the second in the regular open division the next day.

I always start with a stretch before a hearty breakfast. I keep my lunch light and head to the competition venue. I religiously tape my wrist and ankles as soon as I get to the venue.  We usually have plenty of time to watch others before having to warm up and compete ourselves. The second day is usually the same.

The ‘timeline’ above isn’t absolute. it varies from time to time, but the key is to make sure that I keep moving, be in tuned with my body and be prepared.

Below is my list of essentials:

Uniform (top, skirt, shorties, bow)


Socks (2 pairs)

Hair products- comb, teasing comb, hair elastics, hair spray

Make-up- Basic make-up and team make-up (eye shadow, glitter…)

First-aid kit- I like to bring a kit with extra rolls of tape and deep heat

extra tee-shirt and leggings

Food (veggie sticks, fruit, a bag of lollies to share and water)

Wallet, phone, keys

What’t part of your essential list or a competition ritual? Leave a reply down below.

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