1/4 of a century

Today, I turn 1/4 of a century.

I didn’t have a party, dinner or any particular celebration. I went to work, went to coach, it was meant to be a regular day.

In the last few years, I have noticed that I became a little withdrawn, I was no longer enthused or excited by having nights out, staying up late, dancing all night. Sure, every now and then I did just that, but it was a rare occurrence.

How did I celebrate my birthday? Well, as mentioned, I went to work and went to coach, however, I was receiving facebook messages, texts and whatsapp messages from friends and family- feeling loved.

It was fantastic to have my girls share mini cupcakes with me after dance. To me, it was perfect.

When I got home, I was greeted with a lovely letter and a surprise gift (this laptop that I’m blogging on!) and a homemade cake- from a manly man whose idea of cooking is slapping some meat on the barbie. I sure felt loved.

As I reflect now, I think about the lessons I’ve learnt, these are some lessons life taught me:

Carry a decent sized bag

carry a water bottle

Have a first aid kit with you at all times- band aids in the pocket of your jeans count

Be brave to speak to people- even those who you think may not like you

Being vulnerable is ok, it means you have 2 choices, cower or man up!

Laugh everyday

Tell your loved ones you love them several times a day

You can enter clubs with flat shoe, to be safe, make sure that are absolutely bedazzled.

Good quality jeans don’t have to be expensive

Always have gym clothes in the car

Always have coins in your purse/wallet

Always be cautious when handling money

Ask questions when you don’t understand

Appreciate the small things and celebrate them

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, even if that someone is yourself

Look for validations within yourself, the ones from others are bonuses.


What are some of the life lessons that you’ve learnt? Leave your comment below.




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