Bows + Tape: Appropriate Gear

I tend to blog about personal experiences. Sometimes, they are lessons that I had to learn the hard way. And today, it is just that.

Appropriate gear.

What on earth do I mean?

Well, in this context, it is about wearing the right gear, at the right time for the right activity. No my friend, it is NOT going to be about cheerleading. I can’t see how it will stop this from being applied to cheer or other sports/ activity.

To frame this better, I will share my painful and rather embarrassing life lesson.

I teach a hip hop class with my partner in crime; Bec on Mondays. However, before our class, the elite Level 4 team start their training session with a Tumbles class. So, for the lack of other things to do, I decided to join in. As it was a spontaneous decision, I was wearing a long sleeve top with the gym shirt as an over lay and long thick harem pants. The only thing that was appropriate were my old pair of cheer shoes that I’d keep in my bag- just in case.

The class started with a jog and continued on to intervals of 30 secs, alternating between sprinting and jogging. It probably was a combination of the heat and womanly business when I started to feel unwell. As in cramps, being out of breath (I’m not THAT unfit) and dizziness.

As soon as I could, I went to the bathroom. Where I spent the last 10 mins just trying to regain some dignity. At this stage, I was panicked, thinking that I may pass out in the cubicle and no one will ever know. I removed my track pants. Do you know how challenging that is when your sense of balance has been compromised, combined with light-headedness? I sat in the cubicle until I had to show myself to my team as it was time for the class to start.

I had to lay down for a few more minutes before I was able to physically get up and move without doubling over in pain or almost passing out.

Moral of the story- Always ensure you have proper/appropriate gear for the activity.

When I talk about appropriate gear, it doesn’t have to be expensive items like Skins or Nike pros, it simply means a t-shirt, shorts, leggings- depending on the activity. That day, I really should have picked one of the shirts to wear and have leggings or shorts instead of thick track pants.

So, in order not to get caught out in that awkward situation again, I’m making sure that I always, ALWAYS carry an extra t-shirt and shorts/leggings to the gym along with my old cheer shoes!

Have you got a lesson you learnt the hard way? Respond below or re-blog with your own story. Looking forward to hearing your stories!


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