Asset Mapping

This follows the post titled Life’s Nudges.

In one of my previous posts, I talk about creating an Asset Appreciation Map. This is inspired by the workshop that I attended which was run by Peter Kenyon from the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. Please click on the link provided above and have a read through that one for this post to make sense.

After publishing that post, I decided to test my strategy out. As stated in my previous post, this strategy is inspired by the bigger scale Peter shared in his workshop.

When I began mapping my gifts and skills, it was hard at first. Negative thoughts came to mind first, It seemed ‘more natural’ for criticism to be brought up. However when I pushed past, I created a map/ list that I am absolutely proud of.

I enlisted the help of my hubs to give me appreciative feedback. Even though he is someone that I trust with my deepest darkest secrets and to whom I bare my soul to, I was unsure what he would say. Initially, he had trouble comprehending the question and did not understand what I was asking and more importantly, why. He didn’t understand the point of mapping gifts and strengths. However, true to his helpful nature, he obliged and played along.

Below, are my gifts/strengths. Those in bold are ones that were on both my list and my partner’s list; those in Italics are once that my partner has observed that I had not include in my list.

Respectful    Determined    Artistic    Loyal    Empathetic    Adapt quickly    Compassionate    Creative    Foodie    Cheerleading    Dancing    Appreciative    Witty    Thoughtful    Funny    Loud    Great cook    Good with words    Knitting    Have plenty of ideas    Curious    Approachable    Caring    Strong-willed   Patient    Loving    Makes things happen    helpful    kind     Pedantic in a good way    trusting    passionate about people    passionate about animals    swimming    fitness-oriented    relaxing    good at spending money   

There were many that I’ve missed! Admittedly, I was a little embarrassed that I had not thought of them, but I saw myself in a positive light and it was a wonderful feeling to know that another person had qualities/gifts/strengths to add on to the list. Looking at the list now, Some of the gifts are skills whilst others were personality traits. I’m not sure about the last one- ‘good at spending money’. I don’t think he meant it as a good quality. When I asked for him to elaborate, all I got was a wicked smile and he was off, tinkering on whatever he was working on.

Have a go and see what gifts and strengths you discover on your asset map. Let me know how you go, if you need a hand, just contact me!

Meanwhile feeling rather unsettled….never mind, time for some action on ASOS…


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