Hard-core Gym Junkies’ Fashion

I’ve been going to a new gym for the last month and a half. I like my new gym, as it is a 24/7 gym. Revolutionary!

I’ve been to other gyms, but this particular one seems to have a significant number of bodybuilders or people who work in the fitness/ nutrition industry. Which is great, It means that I have real-time fitness motivation all around me when working out, Provided I don’t get distracted and drop a weight on my toes.

Now, I know this post is titled as ‘Hard-core Gym Junkies’ Fashion’, I’m getting to it.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing topic of the day- caps.

Yes, Caps. I’ve seen the full face of make-up- caked-on foundation with Kardashian-style contouring and heavy smokey eyes topped off with ridiculously long falsies. That’s old news (to me it is). The one that I’ve noticed, particularly in this gym, is people wearing caps in the gym…indoors…..at night.

Picture this- in the free weights section, people doing their own thing, your hear the grunts and clanging of metal, the thud on the rubber mats. You feel the energy and focus of others around you electrify your own. Oh wait, what is this? Your eyes zero in on one person, doing alternating hammer curls, you spot the non-descript black cap- perplexed, you cast your eyes to the ceiling and you spy out the windows, witnessing the headlights of cars flash by. As nonchalantly as you can, you turn your gaze back to the cap wearing individual who, you observe, is doing drop sets whilst chewing gum adorned with the black halo…

I don’t get it! Why would you require a cap whilst working out in the gym?

Having contemplated this for the last month and a half, I have not been able to come to a rational, logical reason for it. Whilst face-timing with my sister, I contemplated this with her. As she is more of a yoga type, she admitted that she doesn’t frequent the gym, preferring the Oms over the grunts. She suggested it may be to collect one’s perspiration. So, I suggested several Items that could provide the same sweat absorbing abilities like bandanas. It was at this point when she replied, matter-of-factly, that bandanas are so out.

Maybe there is a deeper more complex reason, something to do with displaying status or flaunting identity. Maybe there is a sub-culture or ‘tribe’ that I am clearly oblivious to.

The answer I have accepted (for now) is that it makes someone look hard-core- a committed athlete in training.

I’m still looking for a logical and functional use of the cap in the gym. If you can enlighten me, please leave a comment below!

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