Lazy Cultural Sunday

Ah Sunday- a rare moment together with the Hubs.

We decided (read: I wanted) to go to the WA museum in Perth as they had an exhibition called ‘Secrets of the Afterlife: Magic, Mummies and Immortality in Ancient Egypt’. I often am curious about various things and I personally find the ancient world fascinating. It’s been a while since we’ve been educational-tourists and this exhibition was something we couldn’t miss.

The artefacts are on loan from the British museum and will be in Perth until 22 September, so if you’re in Perth, have a wander through it.

Before we headed inside, we got ourselves a snack from Butty’s Food Truck. Had to restrain myself from ordering their original beef rib burger!

Fries from Butty's

It was a lovely sunny day- Spring is certainly here. We enjoyed the sunshine before heading into the museum.

WA Museum

The exhibition was set out beautifully, it was interactive so kids (who were interested) could participate and discover. At the beginning, we each picked out a card of an Egyptian that lived and died that appears in the exhibition. The one I picked out was that of Besenmut. I held on to Besenmut’s heart till his final judgement at the weighing of the heart scale. There were quite a number of people at the exhibition and judging from the oos, ahs and hmms, it had their approval.

The powerful one, often associated with war and pestilence.
The powerful one, often associated with war and pestilence.

As we walked through the exhibition, H pointed out the possibilities of the Egyptian religion giving birth to other religions still in existence today. As I do not know much on the subject, I simply listened and as always, contemplated the possibilities. The ancient Egyptians’ strong beliefs and elaborate rituals seems so unreal. Having said that I found myself imagining what that world was like.

Writing Tools

When I saw the writing tools on display- the one pictured above is one of 3 on display, I relished in wonderment. Look at how far we’ve come in terms of writing, recording and dissemination of history, knowledge and information. Even though we have advanced in technology and most people are better at typing and possibly have messy handwriting, we still write/illustrate to record anything and everything.

Opening of the mouth

The exhibition had 2 mummies on display- This was something that I was rather excited about. The mummies were still bound and one of them, Irthorru, a priest of the God Min (hee hee) was fitted with a moulded mask and had an intricate network of coloured faience beads covering his body. The preservation of these are absolutely amazing. most of these items are over 2000 years old. The hubs walked through the exhibition rather quickly and he had to double back numerous times to find me, usually peering closely at something or taking photos.

I enjoyed the fact that the exhibition was interactive, they even had a poster on which people could write what they would take with them to the afterlife. Reading the answers were amusing and I think a pretty accurate depiction on what we saw as important. Some that were written were iPhone, x-box, gold, teddy and everything. I wrote books, seems boring, but I love books and stories, it would be perfect- lounging in a hammock and reading with a tall glass of cold iced tea.

What would you take with you to the aftelife?

We actually spent a good hour or so in the exhibition before turning our attention to other parts of the museum. Which in my opinion was far less interesting after the afterlife exhibition.

Ben and Jerry's

What better way to wind up lazy cultural Sunday then a nice scoop of Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz! from Ben and Jerry’s.

What would you take into the afterlife? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!


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