Conversations with a crow


I had the opportunity to stop at one of the hut shelters overlooking the Indian Ocean at Mosman Beach. It was a perfect day, it was a little chilly, but beautiful nonetheless.

Wrapped up in my scarf and trusty leather jacket, I was in the mood for some contemplation as to what to write. The crow (pictured) swooped from god knows where and perched on the beam. I continued my contemplation, slightly amused that the crow was sitting really close to me. However, the crow would not let me return to it, calling out, expectantly. I couldn’t resist but to ask what it wanted. The crow hopped closer and called out again. I laughed, it must look quite bazar, talking to a crow. We had a few more exchanges before the crow flew away.

I know crows are loud, but it was unexpectedly loud up close. I thought it would use its inside voice….


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