Instant Reward!

How would you react if the cashier asked if you could let another customer make his/her purchase before you as they only had a few items?


Well, that was me today.

I was at Spud Shed, only weekly grocery trips. I don’t usually go on a weekday mid-morning but I was forced to due to the lack of fresh produce at home! The large crowd I had to negotiate was not what I had expected- Scream children taking trolleys for joy rides; seniors gas-bagging over the mandarins, young parents executing the art of herding, university students loaded with instant noodles, etc.  Anyhow, this resulted in long lines at the checkout.

I waited in line, content and not bothered by the queue in front of me. When it was my turn, the Cashier; Pam (I only noticed because another cashier called out her name) asked if I could let a gentleman from another line through. I thought nothing of it, as she assisted the thankful man in a business suit. As she was wrapping up, she said, “There, now you can get back to work”. I was amused, as was the man and another older gentleman in line.

As I loaded up my items, the older man leaned forward and in a stage whisper said, “I bet you are going to growl if she let’s me through!” In mock horror, I replied, “Good God, never! Will she?” Which earned a hearty laugh from him and a chuckle from the rest in line. I asked if he would like to go before me, he declined and stated that he had all day!

Pam processed my things and after telling me the total, she asked if I had any concession. I stated I didn’t which was when she said, “I’m going to give it to you anyway, for letting the man through.” Thanks to Pam and the biz guy, I saved a few dollars.

This got me thinking, should acts of random kindness no matter how small or accidental be instantly rewarded? Would I have said no if I was in a crappy mood? What would the cashier or other people around me say if I said no?

What are your thoughts?



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