Talking Taco Tuesday

At our last training session we had decided on coming into the gym to work on skills and a little conditioning. On top of that, it was proclaimed that we should have a team dinner. One of my team mates graciously opened her flat to host Taco Tuesday.

It was in the midst of helping out in the kitchen when I realised this is what I missed most from my university days. The warm atmosphere; the crowded dinner table, the smell of food, the amount of food….brings back good old memories.

Components of the Tacos were laid on the dinning table and everyone helped themselves whilst robust conversations were happening all around, I had to interject a couple of times to get clued into the topics.

This ‘event’ is important enough to make it into the blog because it showed that food brings people and get conversations flowing. Many of the things we talked about were those starting with ‘remember when…”. People laughed, joked, reminisced.

I think technology and social networking has some how physically distance people. Maybe people are complacent and unintentionally sacrificing the physical get together because, “we’re friends on Facebook and I stalk you periodically to check on what you’re up to….and I PM you….every now and again…”

I’m not saying that social networking is bad, I personally am  grateful for the invention as it keeps me in contact with my friends and family living overseas, I think we need to be mindful of that connecting on Facebook cannot replace real face-to-face time.



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