Varsity Cheer Champs!!

Varsity Overall Cheer Champs! Oo-rah!
Varsity Overall Cheer Champs! Oo-rah!

Courtesy of Murdoch Vikings

That was last night at CUA’s Stars and Stripes Cheer and Dance 2013.

We did not expect it at all as most of us felt it was a ‘weird’ run. Firstly, we did not go out onto the grass to train- like we normally would, we went straight to the warm up mats, We were all quieter than usual and no one was counting….

When we came off the floor most commented that they had a couple of issues with stunts that they usually hit, I for one had issues in my tumbling section. As we all reflected on the abnormal run, we dismissed the possibility of getting overall champion AND a paid bid to enter a competition in Seattle USA!!!!!!

At the awards ceremony, one of the judges was announcing the winners of each division, We had no competitors in our category, but he commented that it was a great routine. There was a unanimous dubious buzz amongst us when he made that comment.

Our coach came back with our score sheet and I peeked at out score. When he announced the score of the champion team, my ears perked and heart stopped.

Murdoch University Vikings…

My teams mates erupted around me and everyone hugged each other fiercely I spied some tears too.

We ended yesterday on such a high, Let’s see what today will bring, time for round 2!



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