Finding Passion

This follows my previous post about Cheer Life.

It took a while for me to find a passion that became life- I was rather average in everything I did, I had no obvious talent in anything in particular. I had no (healthy) obsessions…then I found Cheer.

In the post, I’m going to outline steps that I took to realise that passion. Maybe, this could be useful for you. Please, read on….

  1. Have a go– If you don’t have a go, you’ll never know what you’d like. Try out as many things as possible. I tried Aikido, Pole Dancing, MMA, etc. I enjoyed MMA and Aikido, but found it a little too lonely, it was more so about the individual rather than a team, upon reflection, solo activities do not work for me. Pole was fun but I did not appreciate the lioness crawl nor care for stripper push up. Cheer appeared to me because the rules/requirements meant I had to push myself and I had some form of  guideline for progression.
  2. Learn as much as you can about it– Go online, talk to people, watch videos. I’ve watched countless videos and dreamt of getting skills and going to Worlds. I can keep dreaming…
  3. Find other ways to participate– There is only so much Cheering you can do. If you can contribute more time, think of other ways you can participate. What I like to use is the Power of ten. Take an activity e.g. Cheer, and think of 10 roles/tasks you can do. To illustrate- be a Cheerleader, join a dance team, join a fundraising committee, coach…. things along that line. Speak to your gym, studio, club about it. Think about the skills you already have and contribute your own way.
  4. Make new friends– Surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about your interest can contribute to sustaining your involvement and enjoyment in an activity. Making connections with those with the same passions can become long and valuable friendships.
  5. Evaluate your feelings– Every now and then, ask yourself if you are still enjoying it. How do you feel after a class, training session, etc? I knew Cheer was for me when I kept coming back even after some less desirable training outcomes. I knew Cheer was for me when I kept returning after I said I hated it!

I hope this has been useful in one way or another 🙂



2 thoughts on “Finding Passion

  1. Bec Nuske says:

    I was hooked after my first ever session with cheer. One session in, and I was already in full cheer-nerd mode, reading everything I could about it and watching videos. I kept that up for about a month before I finally calmed down somewhat. Mostly because I’d read most of the stuff I could find on-line 😛

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