Fitness aesthetics

Strong, ripped, toned and tanned- these are characteristics associated with fitness perfection.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, whilst at the gym, I overheard 2 fellow gym-goers in deep discussion over this. The topic of discussion was the appearance of personal trainers.

The 2 in discussion both agreed on the need for personal trainers to be in tip top shape, in other words, what most people would aspire to be. They carried on into talking about a mutual friend who is a personal trainer. One of them lamented on how frustrated he was with her. He said verbatim, ” It’s ok if she just works at the gym, not as a [personal] trainer.” His friend nodded and murmured agreement.

Having had some time to think about it this evening, I too agree that fitness and appearance should be of high priority for personal trainers. I’ve addressed ‘fitness’ before ‘appearance’ because I believe that if one’s focus was of a higher order, such as fitness, superficial characteristics such weight and tone will emerge.

If I was to employ the services of a personal trainer, I would expect them to be fit themselves; I would expect them to be able to do exercises he/she is making me do. I would find it de-moralising to be taking instructions to lose weight when my trainer appears unfit and sloppy.

I spoke with the Hubs about this, he had fairly loose but fair expectations of a personal trainer- generally healthy and not overweight. When probed to explain, he stated that was it.

In an industry where fitness and looks are important, I don’t think it is uncalled for in taking a personal trainer at face value. I think there is a high proportion of folks out there who desire better fitness, who desire a better physique. Who wouldn’t, after all, it’s almost bikini/ boardies season! Most people who seek the services of a personal trainers often have goals- to be fitter; to lose weight…. We want to see real inspiration in front of our eyes! It’ll be more powerful if the trainer had gone through a similar journey. If he/she can do, so can I!


What is your opinion on this?

Today’s post is really like a babble!



2 thoughts on “Fitness aesthetics

  1. Rebecca Nuske says:

    I agree with you mostly, but I feel that ‘tanned’ doesn’t fit here. How much melanin your skin can produce has no bearing on how fit you are. I also think that you can be incredibly fit and strong and not look like a bikini model. I think this is a problem especially encountered by women, that we have to look a certain way, otherwise we’re not good enough, or not doing it right. I think that sucks, and would like to change it. I like to think that I would just like a trainer who is fit, healthy and happy, and not be obsessed with if I can see their abs or not 🙂

    1. minwest says:

      Hey Bec!
      You have a good point there, I suppose there will always be differences with different people’s idea of looking good. In hindsight, I probably should have included natural glow. 🙂

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