New Lunch Bag

Purple Fever!
Purple Fever!

Ladies and Gentlemen; boys and girls! I would like to introduce you to my new, purplicious lunch bag!

I’ve been searching high and low for the PERFECT lunch bag to pack my food for the day!

I’ve gone through a few other lunch bags and none have been perfect for me. I’m usually out of the house between 7:30-8am and continue on till night. I needed a bag that would be able to carry all my food easily and stylishly!

I chanced upon this find actually. It was a Saturday before comp last weekend and I was in need of some hair elastics and bobby pins (you can never have too many). As I powered walked in the mall, a shopping centre display of Fremantle Dockers’ merchandise came to view. There was a big hype about it as they were playing that very day to get into the AFL Grand Final! P.S.THEY ARE IN THE GRAND FINAL!

Fits everything!
Fits everything!
All the yummy goodness!
All the yummy goodness!

I casted my eyes on the items and I spotted the bag! Wanting to inspect the lunch bag candidate, I made my way to the AFL store. I was greeted with the bags in different colours representing different teams. Regardless of the variety, there was only one choice for me!

What I love about this bag is that it has 3 smaller pockets besides the main cavity. In the main cavity, it has a little mash pocket to hold ice bricks so that the food stays cool!

Main roomy cavity
Main roomy cavity

This lunch bag has been on trial for almost a whole week and I am absolutely certain that this is it! I KNOW it’s perfect! Now I can’t complain that I haven’t got enough to last me the whole day!

I was absolutely ecstatic when my litre of coconut water fitted in their easily! Score!

What I’ve been packing for a full day:

– 2 pieces of fruit

– 1 box of almonds/ pistachios

-2 serves of carbs

-2 serves of protein

-3-4 serves of vegetables

-coconut water (If I’m ever so lucky)

Drink holders!
Drink holders!

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