Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend + AFL Grand Final

This long weekend has been welcomed with opened arms!

Finally, some precious hours to get some important things done! Topping that list is none other than watching the Grand Final! I have it all thought out. Tomorrow, bright and early after the gym, I’m going to the shops to get some munchies, get them home, make a couple of sandwiches, set up the projector. Well ahead of bounce down, to commence radio silence until the end!

Admittedly, I’m a default Docker’s fan. I used to live with a lady who was a Docker’s fanatic. She had every Fremantle Dockers memorabilia there ever was! Her house had purple, white explosions peppered with green and red. She taught me the little I know about the game. Once some friends invited me to watch the footy game. Not paying any mind to colours, I threw on a yellow top. As I got a foot out of the door, my land lady stopped me and sternly told me to go back into my room and find something more appropriate. Like I said- fanatic.

The first time I’ve every watched a live game was of the Dockers vs. the Hawks. The Docker’s won…of course! I think the Docker’s will have a good chance of taking it out tomorrow!

On par with exciting news, I’m aiming to finish the assignment that has been hanging over my head! I need to get that done so I can move on! Maybe I might do some re-organising around the place. It’s about time 🙂


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