Bows+ Tape: Making the cut

I finally sent off that darn assignment- feels good to be finally free from it! Just hoping that I’ll get a good grade for it!

It is almost the end of the year and that means it is getting close to tryouts for next year. Most of the teams around Australia are a competition or 2 away from the end of their competitive season. So that means that tryouts are coming soon! So if you are thinking about getting a spot on a cheer or dance team, then read on! Even if you are not, sit back, relax and enjoy the light reading.

Celebrate the end of the competition season

Give yourself a pat on the back for all your efforts during the season! Reflect back on the year and enjoy what made the season so great! Gather with your teammates, go out, have fun!

Find out the teams available and requirements

Most gyms will have information available on the teams and requirements. If it’s not already announced, approach your gym manager/ coach and ask for them. Knowing the skills required will help you focus in your preparations.

Think about the team(s) you want to try out for

Most cheerleaders/dancers will think about which teams they are going to try out for. More often than not, these discussions will weave into conversations as the year is winding up. My big tip here is- If you are thinking of trying out for a higher level team, go for it! Aim for that and work on the skills required.

Stay active

Staying active during the summer break is highly important. This does not mean you have to slog it out in the gym, unless you enjoy it that is! Staying active during the summer break simply means moving everyday. If you like to run, run on the sand; go up and down the dunes. If you prefer being in the water, surf or swim; feel the force of the ocean!

Work the skills

Knowing what skills you need is half the work. The rest is about getting the skills. Find every opportunity to work on the required skills. During training time, tumbling classes, private tumbling classes. It may not be easy to work on skills at home, but you can do conditioning and progression (If it’s safe to do so!) Click here for Jump Conditioning.

Healthy diet

This means making sure you drink plenty of water, not sugary drinks. eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating a healthy and balanced diet ensures that you are keeping your body healthy, this means you are less prone to getting sick and should not have issues when tryouts and eventually training commences.

So far, the tips are focused on things to be aware of before tryouts, so, what should you be aware of for try outs?


How you look and dress are important. However, how you carry yourself is just as important. Dress appropriately and comfortably- t-shirt, shorts/leggings and cheer/gym/dance shoes; make sure your hair is tied back neatly, this allows for the coaches/judges to see YOU! If you are going for a cheer team, bow it on!

Relax and enjoy the process! Smile and if asked to answer questions, speak clearly. Look confident- shoulders back, chin up and smile.

Skills/ techniques

Think about the tryout as a performance. do everything clean and sharp. Perform all the skills and make sure you finish everything off. If there is a skill that you are close to but not quite there yet (need 1 spotter), inform the coach/judge, sometimes, they may ask you to perform the skill. If it is determined that you are close, you might make it onto that team, this is also known as a conditional entry.

Not having one required skill at tryout is not the end of the world. Most people will have favourite elements/ signature element/skill/move. Also, most people will have one that they may struggle with. What is important is that you do everything the best you can. If you make it into the team, make sure you work on getting that skill. The requirements placed on entry to a team is reflective of skill requirements at competitions.


At most tryouts, you will be taught a piece of choreography which you will perform over and over again. During this time, do your best to pick up the choreography, ask questions and clarify what you don’t know. When asked to perform it, do just that- perform! Never show the coaches/judges that you are tired!

Just have fun, and enjoy the excitement of it all!


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