Gym talks: Rant!

When I’m at the gym, I tend to keep to myself, mind my own business. However, when other members are talking at the top of their voices, I can’t help but be subjected to the choice of topic.

You might be wondering, ‘Min, why on earth are you eavesdropping? Just don’t listen if you don’t like it!’

Dude, I tried!

Unlike most people, I don’t bother listening to my iPod at the gym because half the time I forget to bring the ear phones. Why would you listen to music when one can listen lamentation of other members?

Anyway, like I said I usually mind my own business but the volume and intensity of the woman’s complaint was too loud to ignore. She was complaining to her training partner about a mutual friend who was wasting her time. I’m not sure if she noticed how loud she was, but she did not spare this friend of hers. She appeared to be at her wits end and completely frustrated with her friend who would ask her to call over just to talk. She complained about how she was made to feel guilty if she turned her friend down. How, she did not say.

It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that sometimes, I think people forget that there are other people around.

As this lady laments, her friend encouraged and fuel the fire, if you will, by commenting, ‘Oh my God!’, ‘She’s so inconsiderate!’ or asking questions such as, ‘what else did she make you do?’ and ‘what does she expect?’.

There were at least 5 other people at the gym (It was a slow day) and I made eye contact with another regular and it would seem he also has been affected by the conversation. Positively or negatively, I can’t be too sure.

I wouldn’t say I am intimidated by loudness, I can stand my ground. I think what I experience would be a mild discomfort, especially if I catch the eye of the complainer.



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