Hot Wheels

I’ve got a thing for muscle cars…I don’t claim to know a whole lot about them, but I can appreciate the beauty of a classic made in another time with precision and craftsmanship…

I was fuelling my car up after a session at the gym when a Thunderbird pulled up to the next pump, I can’t help but perv. Trying to be as calm as possible, I sneaked peeks at it. The car shone under harsh artificial light like it just rolled out onto the show room floor.

When I went to the counter to pay for my fuel, The cashier gasped dramatically and exclaimed, “Oh My God, is that a Thunderbird?!’ I patiently waited for her to regain her composure. I was amused to watch someone else outwardly drooling over a car.

Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂


Following my previous post, I think I’ll be posting my Gratitude points of the day after each posts- Let’s see how long it lasts…Maybe you may like to comments yours 🙂

  1. Thunderbird
  2. Compliment
  3. Cupcake



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