Love <3

I’m not talking about the extreme lengths as portrayed in Twilight. I’m more interested in real everyday people.

My parents arrived yesterday and are going to be here for the coming week! The reason for the topic of the post is something I witnessed today.

My mom became a vegetarian 2 years ago due to health reasons. My dad on the other hand is a meat kind of guy. The thought of a vegetarian meal makes him, for the lack of a better word, green.

I told my mom of a Indian vegetarian restaurant; Annalakshmi right on the Swan River, she appeared eager to try… to the dismay of my dad.

As it drew closer to dinner time and we discussed options, my dad suggested Annalakshmi. My mom, the Hubs and I enjoyed our meal, but it was pretty obvious that my dad was less than thrilled. Uncharacteristically, he did not finish his meal.

It was clear, to me at least, that he did it for my mom.

It was then that I realised that I never heard my parents say how much they love each other; they SHOW it instead, which I think is paramount-  Lovers, partners, family, friends…it all applies.

Showing someone that you care does not have to be a loud, flamboyant or over the top, it’s the little things that matter, they add up. One big act of love one day is nothing compared to small, meaningful acts of love (almost) everyday.

My 2 questions to you are:

What would you do for your loved one?


Have you done that yet?

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