photo 1We were out and about at in Perth where we stumbled upon a white tent situated in front of the State Library. The Dream Store.

Curious, I dragged my parents and H (Hubs) to check it out.  photo 2The concept is amazing and I think it’s meaningful. If I didn’t have tag-alongs, I would have spent more time to look at individual bottled dreams. There were a few that stood out to me, 2 are shared in this post.

I think having dreams, at all ages is important. Somehow, I think the right dream with give us hope and drive. Who isn’t filled with a sense of excitement and eagerness when thinking of a dream?

Having a dream can kick us into gear. Dreaming it up in the first place gives us the ownership. I dream. There is a proactive sense to it already. This can trigger a hunger for the fulfilment of the dream.  The question now, is how far will you go to get it?  photo 3As I write this, I ponder my own dreams. Yes, most of them have changed, some have been fulfilled and others are still in the process of becoming a reality. However, the ultimate dream remains the same, to be healthy, happy, successful and be able to give back/ contribute to society in a positive way!


What are your dreams?


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