Less talk. More action.

One of my biggest frustration in life is when there is too much talk and (almost) no action. Be it in the workplace, home or in social settings.

It frustrates me when the excuses that accompany them are incompetency and complacency masked by diplomatic phrases; not forgetting reluctant ownership and responsibility. Common phrases are:

We’re not geared for that

We have to see what the manager says

I’ll get back to you on that (read: Stop asking me and forget about it)

Think back on all the progress we have made

Just leave it, it’s fine

I’m just getting around to it

In context some of these phrases or those similar to these need to be used to ‘bounce’ people back into a more positive and productive mindset. However, when these phrases are overused/ misused, one starts to wonder if the other party is in fact incompetent and/or shrinking responsibility.

I have been guilty of ‘big talk’ and no action. When I do it, or realise that I’ve don’t it, it sh*ts me. Big time. Things are going to change.

This is what I have so far:

  • I’m going to think twice before saying something
  • Think about my assets and availability before committing to something
  • Not cancelling my commitments
  • Tackle tasks promptly

Does anyone else have their tips?


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