Step up

No, I’m not talking about the dance movies.

I’m standing on my soap box talking about ownership; about stepping it up and taking responsibility. Specifically, ownership over ones diet; by ‘diet’ I mean choices and attitude towards food.

Of late, I’ve noticed that I’m slipping back into old habits (that I thought I’d conquered) I’m not sure if it’s because I have visitors or I’ve just been slack!

When I realised I made the ‘wrong’ choice, I caught myself thinking, ‘it’s ok, we are out!’ or ‘we’re holidaying!’ Both these statements relinquished me of any responsibility, rather, it was a collective body that ‘forced’ me to making the ‘wrong’ choice.

If you read my previous posts, there may be hint of my challenges and interest in my general health, fitness and well-being. Hopefully you’ve gathered that I’m in the process of making positive changes to my life and sharing my experiences and perhaps some useful tips with you lovely readers!

I think ownership over my food choices is one thing that I am struggling with the most- allowing a collective body to determine my choices rather than standing my own ground. I’ve also noticed that I’m easily tempted by the feel good factor of short term satisfaction (read: chocolates and ice cream!) and then lament on how crappy I feel after and how I should not have done it!

Rather than berating myself for the wrong choices, I’m going to take a more pro-active stance which stands as follows (for now):

No excuses! (I’m no queen of excuses but I’m pretty much royalty!)

Fill up on healthy yummy goodness! (I like to eat, I don’t think this will be a problem!)

Stay clear of processed food no matter how tempting. (This one may appear tougher than it really is!)

H.2.0! (Just ’cause it’s good!)

If I do ‘slip up’, to acknowledge it, stop it and get back on the horse! (no point crying over that extra serve of dessert! Work it off instead.)


Have you got any tips you’d like to share?


I’m grateful for:

An unexpected hug

Family time

My dogs and their quirky personalities



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