Beyond Valuable

Ah Kungs Pen

Recently, my parents came to visit. It was indeed a great opportunity to catch up with them, fact to face! I felt like child again, getting told to do my laundry, make my bed, how to cook, what do do…compared to my younger days, I was more amused than offended- it’s how my parents show their affection. One week was way too short and I wish I could stop time. However, till someone invents a time machine or a time suspender, I will have to make do.

Before my parents left, they gave me a Mont Blanc pen. Even though it is considered a luxury pen because of its brand, it isn’t the reason why I treasure it so much. This pen belonged to my grandpa, his initials are engraved on the side. It’s been a few years since he had passed, but this is the first of his things that has been handed down to me. Feeling Lucky!

I’m so paranoid of losing it that it doesn’t even leave the house! I keep it on my bedside table and when i need to write something, that is the pen I reach for!

It really struck me today, that it is easy to overlook and take family (and friends) for granted. Perhaps it is a good idea to outwardly and mindful show them how much you appreciate them!


Today I am grateful for:

My Hubs- who would do anything for me

Family and friends who are far away but always in my thoughts

Knowing those who have passed on and having the previledge to know them

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