Dear Fellow Motorists

Dear Fellow Motorists. 

It was a beautiful day today wasn’t it? It was warm with a cool breeze, It was mid morning and it was time to get cracking onto the tasks the day brings. 

Look and behold, a truck has lost it’s load. They appear to be rims of sorts. They scatter everywhere, affecting both lanes! Only 5 people out of the number of folks around actually bothered to get out the their cars to help. 2 were police officers, so I guess, they had an obligation. 

I must add, the first 2 people got up to help within seconds, reflex if you will and they weren’t the police officers!

Fellow motorists, you just sat there and watch a handful of people move rims for 15 mins, when it would have been a lot quicker if you actually bothered to step out of the car and lending a hand. 

The fellow in the Blue Toyota Camry, I don’t think you’ve earned the right to let loose with your car honk as I got into my car AFTER helping. I saw you sir, I saw you sitting in your car sit and muttering aggressively as you watched our every move. 

I suppose just because it is not your problem, you can’t be bothered helping. Have we as society become so individualised and self-serving that we won’t offer help when we have the capacity to? 

Fellow Motorists, I must say that I am disappointed with you, but very proud of the people that helped. At least I have witnessed that there are decent people in the world. 

I’m not sure how to end this, but when you see someone who may need help, ask them! 







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