Burritos + Leg Day

Victory meal!!!! Spicy grilled steak burrito with lime rice, beans and salad! It was amazing, probably would have appreciated a little more kick in the spiciness.

Burritos and Leg day as a combination- is less than desirable.

The whole time that I was working out, I felt the burrito ‘climbing’ from my stomach into my chest. Probably shouldn’t have something that heavy before the gym…oh well, it happens.

What did H and I do at the gym?

This is the workout that H led- short and sweet:

12 reps each

  • Ab crunch machine 7 sets
  • Leg Raisers (piked) 3 sets
  • 45 Deg Leg Press  (after a warm up set, use heavier weights) 7 sets
  • Squats with Olympic bar + weights (Squeeze your core!) 4 sets
  • Calf raisers on smith machine 4 sets
  • Leg extensions 3 sets
  • Hamstring Curls 3 sets




Disclaimer: I’m not a health or fitness professional. Before commencing any diet or exercise, consult your doctor or other health professionals.


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