It has been about a week since my last post and that is because I’ve been away on an amazing course. Before I actually blog about it, I want to spend some time reflecting on it. Having said that, it was an AMAZING week. I had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and having great conversations. It’s also good to know that there are people out there who think the way you do.


No, I’m not grumpy. I may growl- yes I know it’s unfeminine, my mother tells me often.

I’m more interested in un-grumpiness. Yes, I know there is no such word. I work with an older gentleman in his 50s. We’ve worked together for almost 3 years and throughout the years, I can count the number of times he actually smiled. Four. Yes folks, four out of all the days that we see each other. When he and I were introduced, he was referred to as the ‘grumpy old man’. It was hard not to see why, he always looked bored, sometimes he would frown and other times he would ignore you.

I had the impression that he disliked my company, however, in the last year, he has come around and has appreciated my presence and ridiculous jokes. As I was away last week on the course, he and I had not seen each other for 2 weeks. Yesterday, when I came to pick him up, I saw the look on his face. He was alert and there was a sparkle in his eye.

As soon as we started driving, he burst out in laughter. Some of you may think, “Ok, so he’s laughing. What’s the big deal?”

Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is.

This is from the ‘grumpy old man’ whose smiles and laughter are few and far between. It was the sound; the pure, full, unguarded feel of his laughter. I’m sure you can recall a time when you laugh so hard that there is no sound- yes, his became like that. His grin was wide and so joyful.

I can’t guarantee if it was meant to be a thank you or ‘I’m glad you’re back!’, but I am taking it as it is.


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