I want Abs!

Who doesn’t?!

When I do an ab circuit, I like to feel the burn. I live for the burn. I’ve been doing a particular one for over 5 weeks now and I was getting bored. Hence I’ve been prowling to find a circuit that gives me just that…and I’ve found it!!!!

I took all of Mike Chang’s 100 reps ab workout and added some more. So instead of 100 reps, I have 160 reps!

This is the ‘I want Abs’ circuit:

20 reps of each

The first 5 are from Mike and the others in bold are my additions.

  1. Straight leg sit ups
  2. Straight leg elbow to opposite knee crunch (one crunch = 1 rep)
  3. Reverse crunches
  4. Toe Touches
  5. V-ups
  6. Dish Tucks
  7. C-sit chest press
  8. Russian twist

Today is my second day doing this and I can tell you, it burns! Try doing these back to back, rest if you have to, but FINISH IT!


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