Missing you Glamour Sisters

Dearest Glamour Sisters,

It’s been awhile since you’ve graced us with your presence. It’s been more than a couple of weeks since I’ve had the pleasure of hearing your rendition of ‘Roar’. I’ve missed your diva-ness. Most of all, I miss seeing you three huddled together having one of your gossip sessions; which lasts longer than the time you are working out.

Since you’ve been MIA, I have had to turn my attention to the men and observe them. The male species have certainly been quite entertaining, but it is simply not the same.

Glamour Sister, where are you? I hope you haven’t disbanded because the gym will definitely be less entertaining if you girls decide to go solo.

Please sisters, come back with your flawless application of make up and gigantic false lashes; your nondescript hat; DJ headphones; Hardcore STING gloves and last but certainly not least, your personalities.

Waiting with hope,



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