Must be doing something right

It’s 8 days to the Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) nationals and I am so excited; this is the biggest competition of the year for us and we have stepped it up.

As part of my pre-competition ritual, I went to see the chiropractor today. Coincidentally, it will also be the last time I see her; she’s finally finished her degree and will need to move on from the student clinic.

As she was having a feel around, she commented that my back, particularly was sitting nicely- flushed, and not protruding as commonly observed with woman. She asked if I had been doing back-strengthening exercises; which I was proud to confirm.

I know that it’s working, everyday I feel stronger and fitter than yesterday. However, for someone else to notice too- I must be doing something right.

My points for this post are:

The right things are not always easy, but they are worth it

Believe in yourself first. In time, others will!


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