Lesson Learnt (again)

It’t that time of the year, even the summer heat can’t stop us from enjoying a party or two, or three…

I was privileged to attend a Christmas Party at a Youth Center. I’ve had some contact with the youths and the staff there in the past and I’m so grateful that they’ve remembered me!

For some reason, people who’ve meet me expect me to be a wild party animal, however, I must contradict. More often than not, I’d be armed with a drink of sorts, watching the festivities around me as I contemplate the year that was and the year ahead. Of course I’d engage in a conversation or two, animated ones as usual.

However, being still and observing the others have made me privy to things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

At this particular party, there were plenty of things going on, skate competition, basketball competition, slides, bungee runs, the works! If I hadn’t caught the subtly shrug, I would have missed something within the merry chaos.

In a distance, I watch Kylie a young lady I know with a group of three other girls. They were probably about 17-19 years of age. There was a conversation that was taking place, however, with the body language of Kylie, she looked uncomfortable and somewhat defensive.

I watched her walk away from the other three but was soon pursued by them. Judging from her body language, the turn of the shoulder and small flicks of her wrist, she was in trouble. However, it was not my place to step in. Just as I was contemplating a plan of action, Kylie’s boyfriend; Liam walked pass. I grabbed him to alert him to a possible situation.

Now, Liam is someone, at first glance, most people would avoid. He looks scruffy with faded and well worn clothes, usually with dirt on his clothes and hands. He sounds graff, cussing and barking comments at the top of his lungs. Liam was also known for his quick temper and outbursts. As I’ve come to know him, he has shown a softer and more considerate side.

I watch Liam making his way to Kylie and the trio. He defused the situation quickly and put the girls in their place. I was impress with his handling of the situation and noted that I probably couldn’t have done it better.

My attention was back to Kylie, her frown was gone, there was no longer tension in her body language. As the evening progressed, I spied the girls, Kylie included, conversing and enjoying the entertainment together.

I wrote about this as I learnt an important lesson (again)- never judge a book by it’s cover!


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