Fat Chick + Fit Guy- Discuss

I’m not one to go off on rants, but this post may just be one.

If you have nothing better to do or want to know more, keep reading!

I was on Facebook the other day like any other day, when I came across a status to the effect of:

Why do fit guys choose to go out with fat/obese chicks who clearly do not share a healthy lifestyle…

The status sadden me as it seemed careless, rash, insensitive. To me that is, everyone else is entitled to their own opinion.

My questions are:

How do you know that they don’t share a healthy lifestyle?

How do you know that the girls don’t go to the gym?

Are they in the process of changing their lifestyle to a healthier one?

Is there an underlying medical condition?

Are they going through something?

How fit are they?

Are looks everything?

Yes, I admit, I do get defensive when a comment about someone’s looks/weight/apparent lifestyle choices are judged.

Because I have been on the receiving end of such comments. Sometimes, they are in jest but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear, so when someone dishes out a comment like that, I do feel the blow.

Do I talk about it? Yes.

Do I let that get to me? No.

I’m married to H, who is a fit guy and I am envious of his ability to put away a Big Mac meal and still look tip top! (I must find out his secret!)

I’m overweight. For my height, I’m VERY overweight. I was once described on a school report card as morbidly obese. I can only dream of washboard abs, if I tense my stomach, I think I can see the top two! I think…Oh and don’t forget about the ‘V’!

On face value, I’m THE fat chick going out with THE fit guy.

In my opinion, there are folks who go down the path of self-destruction because they choose to, but more likely- they don’t know any different. If you were never taught/shown what is a healthy diet, what it means to be active…etc, how would you know what’s better for your body and more importantly, YOU?

Look, I’m never going to understand the frustration behind the statement, because I don’t know what it’s like to LOOK or BE thin (and apparently fit + healthy).

10 years ago, I became aware that I needed to become a better version of me- fitter, stronger, healthier. In the early years, I went around in circles, starting and quitting, restarting and fading. I’ve made so many mistakes which I needed to make in order to learn about myself. Things such as:

Love: Victory Meals (will work for food), weights, stunting, dance, jumps…

Like: Nutrition guide, running on the beach, HIIT, having a workout plan, Pilates, (s)tumbling…

Dislike: Running on track or treadmill, cycling…

F Off: Stairs!

It took me ten long years to figure these things out, and I’m still a long way off from my idea of ‘My Best’.

Looking at me, you may not be able to tell that I ENJOY going to the gym 6 days a week; I sulk when my workouts are interrupted by life; I HIIT every now and then or that I plan to compete in a fitness competition someday.

What I’m trying to get at is that not everything is as is. Life is complex, people are complex.

You can’t control what others say but you can control how YOU respond

So, when a comment that comes across as insensitive/offensive/careless just remember it’s ignorance talking.





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