PB Saturday

Not peanut butter, but peanut butter would be lovely!

Today, I wanted to change it up so I didn’t do the cardio acceleration stuff. Instead, I did pyramid training.

There are 3 kinds of pyramid training (that I know of anyway). Upward, downward and triangle in terms of weight. Confused? Just stay with me for a sec…

Using one exercise:

Upward: Increasing weight while decreasing reps

Set 1: Light weight- 12-15 reps

Set 2: Medium 10-12 reps

Set 3: Medium/heavy 8-10 reps

Set 4: Heavy 4-6 reps

Downward: Decreasing weight while increasing reps

So in other words,doing the reverse of upward

Triangle: Doing upward then downward or the otherway around, your choice. 

Pyramid training does take longer when it is your first time and you’re trying to figure out what is adequate and suitable for YOUR body. In the long run, Pyramid training not only help with building muscle mass, but strength and endurance as well.

During the week, I usually have a limit on the time I can spend at the gym due to work and all that. So I stick to the good ole 3 sets of 12-15 and combine it with cardio acceleration exercises like plyos. On the weekend, I’ve got the luxury to spend a little more time. Even then, like today, I spent just a little over an hour- which is not ridiculously long either.

Below is what I did today, I’ve put in the regular weights that I use within the week to record and compare later down the track. Initially I was not going to put in all information, but I wanted to record everything and also show  that pyramid training is not always so ‘text-book’ as set out above.

Lat pulldown

Traditional: 40/47

Pyramid: 33 (15 reps)/40 (12)/2 sets 47 (10,8)/57 (6,4)/40 (12)- I went down to 40 to get my back working. Also note that I repeated some of the weights, if you want to, do it.

Cross cable pull apart

Traditional: 5

Pyramid: 3.25 (15 reps)/5 (12)/ 7.5? (8,6)/1.25 (12)- Room for improvement I think. I put a ? on the weights as I can’t remember the increments 🙂

Straight-arm pulldown

Traditional: 13- I can’t remember the decimals.

Pyramid: 11 (15 reps)/ 13 (12)/ ? (12,8)/ ? (8)/ 21 (6)

Smith machine behind the back shrug

Traditional: N/A- never done this before

Pyramid: 9 (20 reps)/ 14 (20)/ 29 (15, 12)

Barbell curl

Traditional: 12.5

Pyramid: 10 (20 reps)/ 12.5 (15)/ 15 (12)/ 17.5 (10)/ 20 (8)

One arm dumbbell row

Traditional: 12

Pyramid: 12 (15 reps)/ 14 (12)/ 16 (12)/ 18 (10)/ 20 (8)

Dumbbell row 

Traditional: 12

Pyramid: 14 (12 reps)/ 12 (15)/ 16 (8)- someone was using the 12 so I had to stuck it up and used the 14 first!

Barbell bent over row

Traditional: 30

Pyramid: 25 (20)/ 30 (15)/ 35 (12)/ 40 (8)

I finished off with Lat pulldown behind the head (max at 26 Kg), pull up shrugs (Max) and Mike Chang’s 100.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Some of the weights and reps are highlighted. These indicate to me the weights I should be using during the week. Some haven’t changed and others have increase. My goal now is to be able to complete 3 sets of 12 reps of the ones in bold.

I’m happy with my progress and am looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

Happy Saturday guys!

I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise and/or commencing a lifestyle transformation. 


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