All about the back

Happy hump day folks!

Hope your day is/ was pleasant.

Today’s workout hits back, traps and biceps.

Duration: 50 mins

Resistance: 10-12 reps (medium heavy weights)

Cardio/ Plyo: 15-20 reps

3 sets of each unless otherwise stated

Superset 1

Barbell bent over row

Step up with knee raise

Superset 2

Dumbbell bent over row (single arm)


Superset 3

Low cable row

Pull up shrug

Superset 4

Barbell curl

Dumbbell preacher curl (single arm)

Superset 5

(Assisted) Pull ups

High cable pull aparts


Reps per set: 2,4,6,8,10 (Ascending)

Total reps: 30

Exercise ball transfers

Oblique taps

Reverse crunch



I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.


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