The More the Merrier!

I wonder if people are shaping up for the long weekend (Australia Day) coming up or there is some event that I am unaware of, but there were a lot more people at the gym today. It was also the perfect day to perform the smile challenge.

No matter how crappy you feel before you start, you’ll feel amazing after your workout. If you don’t believe me, DO YOUR WORKOUT!

It’s back, traps and biceps today, the perfect way to start the week!

Duration: 35 mins

Resistance: 18-10 reps (medium-heavy)

Cardio/plyo; 15-20 reps

3 sets 🙂

Superset 1

Lat pulldown

Reverse grip pulldown

Superset 2

Straight-arm pulldown


Superset 3

Pull-up shrugs

Barbell bicep curls

Superset 4 

High cable curl (3 negatives after last set)

Goblet squat (Slow, fast and varied)

Stand alone

Reverse grip barbell curl- Failure


Enjoy your week ahead!


I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.


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