The notion of youth, to me, is not about one’s chronological age or superficial beauty. It is about the sparkle in someone and in turn, the sparkle they bring out in others.

Today’s thought was sparked by a woman I observed at the gym. She looked like she was in her sixties, but she had a smile and glimmer in her eyes. The way she carried herself was one with carefree spirit- definitely an inspiration.

Today’s workout hit Chest, abs and triceps.

Resistance: 10-12 reps Medium Heavy

Cardio/plyo: 15-20 reps

4 sets

Duration: 35 mins


Low cable crossovers

Superset 1

Cable crossovers

Hollow body holds


Superset 2

Triceps pressdown


Rope pressdown



Straight leg sit up

Elbow to knee crunch

Toe touches

Reverse crunch



I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.


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