All Legs and Stunt Sesh!

Today’s session was all about the legs. I will combine shoulders with Monday’s workout.

After my session at the gym, I hurried home to get ready for a TNT All Stars display/demo in Fremantle. As we were just about to get ready, Bruce, a regular street performer came up to us and stated that we weren’t allowed to use the space. When explained that we were given the go ahead from a representative of the Fremantle Markets, he backed off, but appeared displeased with letting us use 10 mins of ‘his’ time.

We threw a couple of elevators, extensions and tosses. He was, evidently, watching us as he came back a second time to enquire what we were trying to do. He listened and decided to help us out by gathering the crowd and incorporating us into his performance.

It went well and were we glad that he decided to help us. After watching the rest of his show- which was slightly rude, with no boundaries and 100% funny, we weaved through the crowd and ‘pounced’ on innocent little ones and their adults with our flyers. Most people took them and some retailers allowed us to put some flyers in their shops.

Eventually, we arrived at the park where we continued to hand out flyers and commenced stunting again. This time, we drew the attention of the kids. One of which was a little girl named Willow. Her mother came up to ask us if we’ll let her have a go at flying. With some reassurance and encouragement, Willow had a go and she was absolutely delighted. She also shook off the shyness and began demanding us to do all sorts of things, tumbling included.

She was also eager to show that she could do do handstands which turned out to be a disjointed round off. Such a delight, witnessing pure joy.

Anyway, today was a full on day and hopefully we’ll get some new recruits! As always, the workout is as follows:

All: 12-15 reps

3 sets unless otherwise stated

Stand alone (4 sets)

Leg press (1 warm up- light/medium 3 working sets- medium/heavy, don’t be shy with the weights)

Superset 1 (16 reps)

Glute bridge

Dumbbell deadlift with back lunge (both sides)


Superset 2

Kettlebell curtsy

Kettlebell sumo squat (last set, pluses after the last rep, as many as possible)


Superset 3

Leg extension

Hamstring curls

Low lunge switches


Stand alone (4 sets)

Weight plate sit-stand with calf raises- With a weight plate in each hand, sit on a bench, your bottom should just be touch the surface before standing up and rising onto your toes. Do these fast but controlled, keep tension throughout.


Some of these exercises are ones that I haven’t done before. As I get bored easily, I often browse the web for good supersets and combos. I welcome ideas and tips too, so comment below!

I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.



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