Oh My Back!

It’s 9:48pm and I finally get to sit down and write!

I’ve been on the go since 8 am this morning. Today was an epic day of doing Back, (including shoulders, traps and biceps). On top of that cheer conditioning at TNT All Stars’ Bomb Shelter! Essentially, I had 2 workouts today! I felt like I’ve worked hard today, so much so that I had to change my clothes between gym and cheer!  See below for my Back workout today!

Duration: 50 mins

3-4 sets

Resistance: 8-12 reps (I varied the weights, I went heavy for a couple of exercises whilst sticking with the medium for the others)

Warm up

Pull up shrugs

(Assisted) Pull ups

Superset 1

Cable pull aparts

Weight plate front raises

Superset 2

Bent-over barbell row (heavy)

Upright barbell row (medium)

Stand alone

Dumbbell shoulder press from bicep curl position

Superset 3

Cable row (medium)

Single-arm Dumbbell row (heavy)

Abs 100 (20 of each)– this is Mike’s ab circuit, try it, it’s awesome!

Straight leg sit up

Opposite Knee to elbow crunch

Reverse crunch- I prefer extending my arms by my ears

Toe touches



Now, please excuse me whilst I crash on my bed! 🙂


I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.



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