Biggest Hump…

Wednesday, this biggest hump day experienced. My usual composure and talent for time management went out the window today. As a result, I had to condense my Leg workout considerably.

I’m going to put it out there, I am proud that I still went to the gym, even though it was for 20 minutes. After which, I went to cheer training- I think my arms are dead…As I sit here smelly, tired but content, my mind is already fast a sleep. So let’s move on….

Hitting Legs!!!

Duration: 20 mins

Resistance: 8 reps Heavy- I saw this idea on facebook to up the resistance if one is able to perform more than 8 reps….I think it’s a good guide…

3 sets of all exercises.

Superset 1

45 leg press

20 lunge jumps

Superset 2

Bar bell deadlift

Calf raises

Superset 3

Smith machine single leg squat- position yourself under the smith machine bar as you would a back squat. Ensure that your feet are placed slightly in front of you- the idea is to lean into the bar in the squat, working the glutes and hammies.

Kettlebell sumo squats


I did add on resistance for all the exercises, I would have done more sets or increased resistance but I was strapped for time and I also had cheer training today. I would like to do this one again when I’ve repossessed my time management skills!

One thing before I crash, have you noticed an increase in selfies, particularly gym selfies? I have and today at the gym, I actually witnessed a selfie being taken. It was a very weird experience- I felt as though I was, unbeknownst to him, privy to his private and intimate moment, only for the result to be shared by the rest of the world merely seconds later.

Anyway, enjoy this one!


I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I am NOT a doctor, health or fitness professional. Please seek advice from your doctor/health/fitness professional before engaging in any physical exercise such as this workout.



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