Sweat it!

Alas Thursday!

I went to the gym a little later than usual, and it was nice to see more people there. Hopefully they all stay after the resolution honeymoon period…

Also, I want to get something off my chest before I make a fool out myself at the gym. To the couple who rocked up at the gym decked out in flash gym gear, headphones and snap back cap- It’s not considered working out if you are just hovering near a machine or bench. You actually have to pick up a weight and pump some iron or get out of the way! Rant over.

Today, I hit back with some traps, shoulders and biceps

Resistance: 8-10 reps Heavy

Duration: 45 mins

Superset 1

(Assisted) Chin ups

Pull up shrugs

Superset 2

Lat pulldown

Cable front raises

Superset 3

Cable lateral raises

Barbell military press

Superset 4

Barbell row

Dumbbell single arm preacher curl

Superset 5

Dumbbell single arm row

Weighted sumo squats



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