Hello Random Bruises

Happy Friday all! Glorious isn’t it, the weekend is almost here. I’ve also just survived my first week back at the cheer gym and collected some random bruises, there will be more to come no doubt.

Today’s workout hits chest, abs and triceps.

Resistance: Heavy- 8 reps, if it was fairly easy getting to 8, bump up the weights

Sets 3-5

Duration: A rare 1.5 hours

Superset 1

Dumbbell bench press

Barbell close-grip bench press

Barbell skull crushers

Superset 2

High cable cross over

Dumbbell fly

Superset 3

Rope triceps pressdown

Weight plate triceps extension

Weight plate overhead squat*

Hanging tuck ups

Megaset 1

Hollow body holds (HH)

10 dish tucks


10 v-ups


Russian twist

Superset 4

Exercise ball Jack knife

Exercise ball pikes

Surprise Legs

(Exercise ball) Glute bridge

Dumbbell Single leg deadlift

Exercise ball side lunges^


* Weight plate overhead squats- this is cheer specific. The weight plate provides a narrow grip that is easier to managed than a dumbbell. If you want to, use a barbell or 2 dumbbells.

^Exercise ball side lunges- Stand with the ball against your right leg. Lift your leg place it on the ball. Roll the ball to the right away from you. You should just have your foot resting on the ball when your leg is straight- this is just the prep.

Keeping your chest up and core engaged, bend your left leg as you would in a squat/lunge. Check to make sure your knee is not over your toe.

Stand up, returning to the original position. Do 15 reps and repeat on the other side.

If this is a little too trick, do it without the ball. Stand with your stance wide and your feet slight angle outwards. Lunge on your left leg, maintaining your technique. Pause at the bottom before standing up.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend.





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