Sweaty Love

I don’t know about you, but I certainly like the feeling of being drenched in sweat. I feel like I’ve worked hard! Some of you may be cringing in your seats, but in sooth, I do!

Happy hump day all! I hope your hump day has been eventful or at the very least positive. I went to the gym this morning and have decided the following:

I am a morning person

I like the gym when there is less than 10 people in it

A smile can get you what you want or at least close to what you want

I’m a nicer person after the gym


Today’s workout hits back and abs. On top of this, I had cheer training and hip hop in the evening, so I’m pretty sure I’ve got cardio covered. 🙂

Resistance: 8 heavy/medium

Sets: 4


Superset 1

Lat pulldown

Behind the head pull down

Superset 2

Cable row

Leg raises (15 reps)

Superset 3

Barbell row

Hanging tuck ups

Superset 4 (15 reps)

Candle stick on a decline bench + negatives

Weight plate oblique/side crunch (standing)



I’m passionate about health and fitness but by no means an expert. Please consult your doctor and/or relevant health professionals before commencing physical exercise.


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