Valentine’s Day Workout!

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

I hope the day has been filled with a little more lovin’. 🙂 Today’s workout hits chest, abs and triceps.

Resistance: 12 reps medium/heavy

Sets: 4

Duration: 1 hr

Superset 1

Barbell bench press

Weight plate skull crushers

Superset 2

Incline dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell triceps over head extension

Superset 3

Rope triceps pull down


Superset 4

Iron cross/cable cross

Pectoral machine

Abs set (5 reps)


Straddle snaps

Single leg v-ups

Toe touch

Hanging tuck ups



Have a great weekend folks! Please excuse me while I dig into my freshly made kale chips!!

P.S. Anyone want to be my post-Valentine’s day gym date??


I’m passionate about health and fitness but by no means an expert. Please consult your doctor and/or relevant health professionals before commencing physical exercise.

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