How’s Your Monday?

Hi all, I hope you’ve had a great start to the week!

My Monday couldn’t have started better with a leg session and finishing up with cheer training.

Also, we had Tim from Quadrant Training come out and run a conditioning session. Something a little different to normal conditioning; I had a blast doing it and was not bored at all. Tim ran some relay races/games which appealed to my competitive side. QT is a whole body workout and if you are in the area, Perth, Western Australia, I encourage you to check it out!

Below is a breakdown of my Leg session

Resistance: 12 medium/heavy- make sure you are struggling by the last rep of every set!

Duration: 50 mins

Sets: 3

Superset 1

Barbell Squats

Kettlebell swings (Russian)

Superset 2

Barbell ‘box’ squats

Exercise ball single-leg side lunge

Superset 3

Barbell deadlift

Kettlebell sumo squats

Stand alone

Leg press to failure- Drop sets, I started relatively heavy (125 kg) and had bigger gaps when I dropped the resistance. I went all the way down to 5kg before bumping it back up to 45kg to finish.

As you can see, there isn’t many exercises today. I took my time with each one, especially the side lunges and sumo squats to maximise the ‘burn’!

I hope you enjoy this one! Like and/or comment your favourite leg exercises/combos/supersets, I’d definitely like to try them! 🙂

I’m passionate about health and fitness but by no means an expert. Please consult your doctor and/or relevant health professionals before commencing physical exercise.


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