Mid-week Rest Day

Hello folks, I hope Tuesday’s treating you well.

This week I’m lucky to have 2 rest days, 1 of which was carried through from last week.

So what do I do for a mid-week rest day? Become unwell of course! Well, it started from the previous night actually. I tossed and turned and couldn’t, for the life of me, get a restful sleep. My sinuses felt clogged up and my throat scratchy. I went to work intending to carry out as usual, but half way through, I couldn’t. Not because I was a weakling, but because the people I work with may get affected if I’ve got more than just a sniffle. Not wanting to take the risk, I decided to leave work.

However, I didn’t want to go home either, so what do I do?

Tag along with a friend to an ice skating ring. I have a walk-it-off mentality. I don’t tend to stay still to rest unless I’m absolutely sick as a dog. I decided to skate as well; I had to concentrate on my balance and glide, which took my mind off the sniffles I was experiencing.

I was lumbering around the ring like a clumsy elephant all while my friend glides backwards easily; shifting her weight from one blade to the other to alter her course.

I can’t complain, I felt better after the short ice skating session. Would I jump at it in a heartbeat? Probably not, but will go for a few sessions, here and there.


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