Sneak in the Shoulders

Happy hump day folks!

Today’s chest day…with some sneaky shoulders! I’m still not feeling 100% but I still smashed out a good one! Here it is below:

Resistance: 10-12 reps medium/heavy

Sets: 3

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins including a good long stretch and foam roller rolling


Superset 1

Dumbbell bench press


Superset 2

Barbell military press

Weight plate front raisers

Superset 3

Tricep rope pulldown

Weight plate oblique side crunch (standing)

Superset 4

Iron cross

Dumbbell tricep extension


10 hanging tuck ups

10 Exercise ball transfers

5 Plank holds and pop to push up on a Bosu ball- this is pretty challenging, make sure you are able to do a push up and plank hold comfortably before attempting this one!



Iā€™m passionate about health and fitness but by no means an expert. Please consult your doctor and/or relevant health professionals before commencing physical exercise.






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