Why I carry a notebook

Hello folks! I hope today’s treating you well. I had a fantastic start to the day with a Quadrant Training session with Tim!

After that though, my annoying and relentless cold kept me miserable for the rest of the day. However, for that precious hour, I was feeling close to myself. Some of you might be thinking, ‘goodness, if you are sick, just stay in bed!’.

I don’t want to.

I hate the thought of not doing anything. Right now, keeping active is just about the only thing that is keeping me sane and more importantly, HAPPY! Who doesn’t want to feel happy 🙂

So today, I address this question. I was asked this at the gym yesterday. A fellow gym goer spied me consulting my book as she was on the rowing machine. You know the feeling when someone was watching you? Well, my spidey senses were going off like a wind chime in a tornado.

Catching her gaze, I smiled and offered a brief hello, to which she raised an eyebrow and promptly ask the question, “why do you carry a notebook?”

Simply, to write things down. Specifically, workouts that I plan to do so that I can post it to share with you guys. What I’ve learnt about myself over the years is that in order for me to stay engaged, the workout needs to be ‘fresh’. Which means that I can’t stand it being planned way in advance- the night before is max for me.

Usually, I plan my workout the night before, following a regular split:

Chest, Abs, Triceps

Back, Shoulders, Biceps


I have switched it up every now and again, but this is how I usually split my workout. For me, this is adequate as I am a competitive cheerleader and I incorporate HIIT outside the gym and am subjected to conditioning at cheer practice.

I  train up to 6 days a week. Usually, I have the luxury of having no time limit for one of the days, which means I get to do a planned workout and maybe add exercises that target other parts that I feel need it or I want to work on.

I also find a notebook handy for reminding of tasks or errands I have to run. This is so much better that having random bits of paper floating in your gym bag. Something that I also do is write a message to myself. It’s not some poetic love letter to myself- that would take up too much room…but one line mantras. My favourite one at the moment is:

Finish Something

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight, I’d love to hear your tips and advise on planning. Please share them below!







2 thoughts on “Why I carry a notebook

  1. urbanempress says:

    If it wasn’t for this post and the previous one I would have given up today at the gym. I was in the middle of working out my legs and I saw “finish something”. That kept me going 🙂 Thank you

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