Love Legs on Saturday!

Hi folks, today is probably the first day that I’m feeling fully recovered. What better way to celebrate than a gym session, a leg one at that!

I incorporated a fair amount of plyometric exercises in as well.

Resistance: 8-12 reps heavy/medium

Sets: 3

Superset 1

Smith Machine Hack Squat (my gym doesn’t have a hack squat machine)

Squat jumps (20reps)

Superset 2

Back squats

In/out or pop jumps (20 reps)

Superset 3

Barbell Deadlifts

Kettlebell sumo squats (vary speed)

Superset 4

Bulgarian squat

Overhead weight plate squat (20 reps. For the last set, add a jump at the top for as many reps as possible)

As you can see, not a lot of isolated work today, more about getting all the muscles to work together and getting the heart rate up.

I’d love to hear your favourite leg exercises, please feel free to share them below!


Enjoy your weekend gorgeous people!





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