Routine- Complete + Chest day

Weeeeeeee! Our routine is finished! We completed the dance this morning and had a few full choreography runs! Now we just have to perfect all the elements (Stunts, jumps, tumbles and motions) and put it together! Full out, we are going to be amazing.

I took a bit of a break before heading down to the gym for Chest day!


Resistance: 10-12 reps

Sets: 3

Duration: 40 mins

Superset 1

Dumbbell bench press

Barbell military press

Superset 2

Dumbbell tricep extension

Rope tricep pulldown

*switch out the rope for a bar after the 3rd set- Tricep pressdown to dropset to failure

Superset 3

High cable iron cross

Lateral push up shuffle- look below for explanation

Abs (10 reps of each)

Plank to push up on Bosu ball

Exercise ball transfers

Clap crunches

Straight leg sit up

Oblique ankle taps

Hanging tuck ups with holds

* After the last set hollow body holds 20 secs on 10 secs off 10 times


Lateral push up shuffle

  1. Grab an aerobic step, just the platform without the blocks
  2. Lay it on the floor with one of the shorter sides closest to you. The rectangle should look ‘tall’
  3. Placed your left hand on the floor (on the left side of the step) and your right hand on the step with your legs behind you- in a push up position.
  4. Do a push up
  5. When you press up, switch your hands so that your left is on the step and your right is on the floor (on the right side of the step)
  6. Do a push up and go back the other way


I hope the explanation makes sense. If it doesn’t let me know and I may be able to clarify. 🙂


Have a great day folks!




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