What’s with the crowd?

Hello folks!

Today is back day. I went to the gym, in the morning as per usual and there was an uncharacteristically large amount of people at the gym for 6am. There was at least 15 people. As a comparison, the usual is 4.  I managed to carry on with my workout without having to wait or be in anyone’s way- Great start to the day!

Resistance: 8-12 heavy

Sets: 3

Duration: 45 mins

Warm up

Pull up shrugs (10 reps)

Assisted Pull ups (10 reps)

Superset 1

Lat pulldown

Weight plate front raises

Superset 2

Straight arm pulldown

Barbell bicep curl

Superset 3

Barbell bent over

Decline bench candle sticks

Superset 4

High cable cross pulldown

Single arm dumbbell row


I hope you enjoy this one, I’m off to check on my baked sweet potato fries!!!

I’m passionate about health and fitness but by no means an expert. Please consult your doctor and/or relevant health professionals before commencing physical exercise.


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