Paint Cans Workout

Hey folks! I hope your day is going great!

This week, I’ve been pretty slack on going to the gym, but this does not mean I haven’t been active. To illustrate, today, I was asked to give a hand with another team at the Bomb Shelter (cheer gym) after my session. So instead of hitting the gym as planned, I hung out at the gym before I was needed. Instead of bumming around, I decided to device a short workout- involving cans of paint. We painted the gym and had some cans lying around.  Here it is:

3 rounds

50m farmer’s carry (holding a paint can in each hand)

12 lunges with lateral raises

12 overhead squat jumps

12 tuck jumps

12 clap crunches

12 reverse crunches

12 straight leg sit up

12 toe touches

30 sec plank hold

repeat for 2 more rounds or how ever many you like!

Going to the gym is great, but if you don’t want to drive to the gym, there is always other ways to get some exercise in- one just has to be WILLING.



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